Activities in Paros

You are on the webpage Activities! This means that you are looking for, or you may have already decided to participate in various activities in Paros while spending your holidays on the island.

Horse Riding Lessons & Horse Riding Excursion

Paros is an ideal island for horse riding excursions, whether they be next to the sea or on more mountainous terrains. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or an experienced rider, these excursions are being supervised by one or more experienced horse trainers.

On Paros, you will find two well-organized hippodromes where experienced trainers provide horse riding lessons. Therefore, if you would like to get basic horse riding training, you can attend a 10hour training course.

Daily Sea Tours & Cruises

The Stelia Mare Boutique Hotel can suggest you local businesses, characterized by great experience and excellent quality of services, that organize daily sea tours and cruises to nearby islands.

Water Sports

If you love to do water sports, then you will surely enjoy your stay in Paros. On our beautiful island, you will find many well-organized beaches where you will have the opportunity to enjoy water ski, wakeboard, wake surf, snorkeling, canoe – kayak, tubes, kite surfing, scuba diving, etc. Of course, if you are a willing newbie you can attend training courses on the water sports you want by fully qualified and experienced external associates.

If you are going to visit Paros with your family, then you can provide to your children great joyful moments by sending them to various training courses, such as water ski, sea bike skills classes, snorkeling, etc.

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